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5 Foods To Avoid To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Your parents told you to eat veggies and drink your milk to build strong bones and teeth. Now that you're grown up, you want to keep them healthy. Here are the top five foods that could damage your teeth:

Sugary Drinks

This is one of the top culprits for cavities and a wide range of other dental problems. The simple sugars in everything from sweet fruit juices to name-brand sodas break down in your mouth into acid. Carbonated drinks are a big problem since the carbonation raises the acidity. Finally, the sugars coat your teeth, clinging and doing damage over time.


People love candy, but it won't do your teeth any favors. This is for the same reason as with the sugary drinks. The bacteria in your mouth will feed off of both the sugar and the acids. If you can't give up the sweet stuff, switch to sugar-free varieties. Just make sure to eat them in moderation. Wonder why? Look up Amazon's reviews for Haribo Sugarfree Gummy Bears.

Citrus Fruits

Any food that's high in acid can damage your teeth, but citrus fruits are a double whammy. Your morning glass of orange juice is delicious, but the citric acid in it can slowly damage your teeth over time. Meanwhile, the sugars in the fruit can make the problem worse. Lemons are especially problematic. Think twice before ordering lemonade.

Refined and Cooked Starches

Now you know that candy and citrus can raise the acid levels in your mouth, but they aren't the only culprits. The starches in bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes all increase acid levels. The good news for low-carb eaters is that vegetables typically don't have this issue.

Red Wine, Coffee, and Tea

Added sugar in coffee and tea and natural sugars in red wine are one problem. However, these drinks can also stain your teeth. Drink them in moderation, use a straw, or drink water afterward.

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