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Diabetes: Teeth and Gum Problems to be Aware of

Diabetes is a dangerous disease. So dangerous it can lead to a host of dental diseases. For someone with diabetes, here are several dental conditions that you may see the symptoms of sooner or later:

Dry Mouth

For someone with diabetes, the constant feeling of unquenchable thirst is very well known. Most just consider it as a nagging side effect of diabetes, but it can lead to serious dental maladies. The reason for dry mouth is that diabetes cuts off saliva production and distribution in the mouth. Saliva cleans plaque from teeth, and the lack of it leads to plaque staying in the mouth for longer inviting harmful bacteria. Diabetes patients can try different methods to keep their mouth moistened but not taking drinks such as coffee or alcohol which deprive the body of water.

Gum Diseases

When there isn’t enough blood being supplied to your gums, you suffer from gum disease. The two most prevalent forms of gum disease are gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is the lesser of the two and comes first. Your gums begin to swell and become red which could indicate bleeding. If left untreated or not spotted early it can lead to periodontitis. When you have periodontitis, your gums pull away from your teeth causing incredible pain and in severe cases teeth may begin falling off. Diabetes reduces the effectiveness of the body’s immunity hence you are unable to fight bacteria and heal as well as before. Therefore, the dental problems become harder to deal with.

Oral Thrush

High blood sugar levels cause thrush, so it is not a surprise that it makes an appearance on this list. Oral thrush has symptoms such as a sore mouth, oral bleeding, and cracked lips. Rare occurrences of thrush can be acceptable, but the more frequent they become, the more dangerous they are. Maintaining impeccable oral hygiene and low blood sugar levels should keep oral thrush at bay for diabetes patients.

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