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Are Traditional Braces or Invisalign Right for me?

There are many options out there to fix or transform your smile. These days, your choices typically narrow down to traditional braces, or clear aligners, like Invisalign. Here’s a look at these two options and how you can figure out which one will work best for you.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have always represented the best possible option for dealing with a bad bite. If you want braces purely for cosmetic reasons, then it’s possible you can forego a full set of wire and metal braces. Although, if you want the best chance to improve your smile, traditional braces are still the way to go.

Traditional braces have a long stigma because they’re highly noticeable and distracting. What you may not realize is that these days traditional braces come in various styles, materials, and configurations. You can have colored braces, clear ones, and even ones that sit behind or between the teeth, instead of in front of them.

Clear Aligners (Invisalign)

By contrast, aligners aren’t as intrusive or visible as traditional braces. In addition, they don’t require constant, 24-hour wear. But, because of that, they’re not ideal for anything beyond mild bite issues. They can still work for bad bites, but they’re not uniquely suited to dealing with such issues.

Clear aligners look better, and you can remove them each day. So it’s easier to deal with them and maintain your own oral hygiene habits. You also don’t have to grow accustomed to eating and drinking with an orthodontic appliance, since you can remove the aligners for such things.

Discuss Your Choices with Your Dentist or Orthodontist

Most adults would choose aligners, but it’s really a decision you should discuss with a professional. You may want aligners but actually, need traditional braces. You may think you need braces, but only need aligners for your front teeth. Your dentist can help you figure out which option will work best for your particular bite.

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